Bruce Springsteen @ Frankfurt Commerzbank Arena, 25/05/2012

This was my first Springsteen gig. My parents have been fans for a very long time but he has just never toured at a time where we could go together.

We drove 4 hours down to Frankfurt in the middle of summer and stood in front of the gates for another 3 hours in 32 degree heat. Yay! Getting sunburned is always fun before a gig. The walk into the stadium was a bit too far if you ask me, signage and entrance could seriously be improved.

We had fairly good vie from where we stood so all was well. I hate nothing more than going to a gig and not being able to see anything.

The concert was part of the ‘Wrecking Ball’ tour to celebrate Springsteen’s latest album release. It’s always different hearing the album live than just on CD, and we were in for a treat. I didn’t realise Springsteen did not take support bands on tour with him and as he made blatantly clear – there was absolutely no need for one. He comes on stage and everybody’s attention is solely on him and everybody’s in the zone straight away.

He kicked off with Badlands, what a song! An anthem and E-Street fans favourite. A lot of the old stuff was played and even some rarities. However, Bruce did not play a lot of sign requests at this gig which was  bit unusual but nothing to complain about as the set list was amazing anyways. Included were songs like ‘Johnny 99’, ‘The Promised Land’ and ‘The Rising’. And not to be missed is the infamous ‘Waiting on a summer day’ during which a child from the audience joins him stage for a sing-along. It’s always super adorable, either way. He finished off with the beautiful ‘Thunder Road’ before coming back with an encore. Due to us having a 4-hour drive back home ahead of us we decided with a heavy heart to leave at this point. We left the stadium as ‘Born In The USA’ started and I wondered if I should beg my parents to stay. But better get home safe and miss a few songs  of a concert than the other choice.

I genuinely hope I get to see Bruce Springsteen live a little more often in the future, this was a genuine treat for the musical ear.

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