Robbie Williams @ Wembley Stadium, 02/07/2013

I genuinely don’t have too much to say about this gig. It was as expected – not horribly bad, but not mind-blowingly good either. Part of my bucket list was hearing Robbie Williams perform ‘Angels’ live and hear the entire stadium sing along. I’m not sure £80 was worth that. It was a fun gig, with a fun friend and Olly Murs wasn’t a bad support either. Generally, I don’t see the point of spending money on pop gigs. They are too expensive and the artists don’t do anything but sing. No instruments, no improvising. Hardly any heart-felt, honest audience interactions. I’ve loved Robbie as a teenager, his Sing when you’re winning album is good pop. He was an icon of the 90s. You can’t deny his entertainment factor. However, the whole tough guy who constantly curses is just not believable anymore, or at least it feels wrong. He is a loving dad and loving husband.

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Nonetheless, the show was spectacular, the stage setting was impressive as with any pop show. There were several massive versions of his head throughout the set. He even covered some Take That songs. The singing was average. I don’t want to make this gig sound worse than it was, it was thoroughly enjoyable, I would probably not buy tickets again though.