Beatsteaks @Koko, London, 25/08/2015

Let me start off by saying, I doubt the KOKO has ever been rocked the way it was rocked last night.

Beatsteaks are a German punk rock band from Berlin and usually German bands, no matter how good, don’t really make it outside the country (except for Rammstein and the Scorpions). It is not much different with the Beatsteaks, 90% of last night’s audience was German and I’m willing to bet that half of them travelled from Germany. The other half are Germans living in London who love a good bit of German punk. I went with a friend who loves the band; I admittedly hadn’t listen to them in a while.

The support was average and we didn’t catch much of them so I won’t dwell on it.

The Beatsteaks came on and did a little sound check before starting off which felt a bit off. Nonetheless the crowd went completely bonkers once the band started. There was lots of jumping going on and it wasn’t long before the mosh pit had risen from the ashes on the KOKO floor. Still I felt in the whole department of singing along, the crowd was very timid except for some of the choruses. However, when the band played a German song everybody joined in. I have noticed that with gigs in Germany before (see Springsteen in Leipzig) that there seems to be some sort of language barrier even though we all learn English in school and everyone is fairly fluent. It’s a shame really because it takes away from gigs like this.

Back to singing the praises of the Beatsteaks. Besides absolutely rocking the socks off the KOKO, there was also some great audience participation. Arnim, the lead singer, at some point jumped into the crowd and created a dance floor in the midst of all the people. And not just then, but throughout the whole gig I have to say, the dude has some moves on him. I can’t say that dancing is an art form German, especially with the male creatures but boy the man has moves.

All swooning aside, I would absolutely go again. I unfortunately had to leave before the show finished but until then I enjoyed every single minute of it.

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