Mamma Mia! @ Novello Theatre, 29/09/2015

It’s ABBA time! Everyone knows the songs, and you can’t help but sing along, let’s be honest. To start off, I wasn’t a big fan of the movie Mamma Mia, it was just a bit too over the top and ridiculously badly acted. So, I wasn’t too sure how I was going to feel about the musical, it was not on my to-see list.


Let’s get the not so great parts out of the way first. The stage setting isn’t spectacular, like you’re used to with great musicals like Wicked or Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. It was very much just a blue background and a white house. Almost a bit minimalist. For a play this would have been beautiful, but for a musical that has music of a band so colourful, it was just not enough.

Secondly, the singing was mediocre on all parts. Not bad, just not mind-blowing, musical-typical greatness.

Overall, I did very much enjoy the musical nonetheless. The story was cute and the main characters all were very lovable and likeable. Even the over-acting of the plot was thoroughly enjoyable. It all takes place on a Greek island, and the songs of Abba build the storyline. I like the idea of that, the lyrics have been slightly changed to fit the story but overall you sing along to every song in your head. And that’s exactly what makes the musical so successful. The songs were massive number ones and are still present at every good party. Young and old both know the songs and even the reference to ABBA in the costumes at the end makes you smile.

My favorite part of the whole musical is the groom’s friends, they are hilariously spot-on, posh British lads on holiday. A choreography in wet suits and flippers is quite something I tell you.

mamma mia