Symptomatic Presents: CRHOMA, The Bronsons, The Boy Jones & Dem Bones @93 Feet East, 23/10/2015

First time at 93 Feet East – I really liked it. It’s got this Shoreditch music venue feel without the hipster crowd (well at least not mostly hipsters, you can’t avoid them). It’s a small garage-style venue just off Brick Lane. I’m thinking this is one of those great places where you can discover loads of new talents by just going down one night and not having to spend heaps of money of tickets.


I mainly went to see The Boy Jones, but have to say all of the other bands were just as fantastic! A friend of mine introduced me to the band here in London. The boys usually play around Chelmsford which is just a bit too far out if you don’t have a car. So I was very excited to hear they were playing closer to home. From what I saw that night they are in now doubt headed for great things. Modrock inspired by the likes of The Charlatans, the Kinks and the Stone Roses, these guys are exactly what London’s music scene is all about and why we need to make sure venues like 93 Feet East don’t disappear in the need for more fancy housing and gentrification.

Just having caught the last bit of CRHOMA’s set, I was bit sad I didn’t hear more of it. It was a wonderful blanket of sound covered with the incredible voice of lead singer Biancajay Lewis.

After CRHOMA and just before The Boy Jones, we had The Bronsons who are a three piece rock n roll band. It seems they evolved from a garage band formed by suburban dads just outside London. This is in no way bad. On the contrary, it has a familiar feel to it and the boys bring across their love for the music they play, as if to say “hey, this is what we listened to all our lives, here’s our version of this music”. And it’s good. Really good. Rock n roll, booty shaking, harmonica infused, good old rock n roll.