Will Young @Eventim Apollo, 29/11/2015

For those of you that don’t know who Will Young is – think Pop Idol ca. 2002. Will won the first series of the British version of American Idol. His latest album 85% Proof has hit Number 1 in the UK charts and even 13 years after his first big success, his fans still love him all the same.


Admittedly, the crowd was a lot more diverse than I expected it to be. There were the usual suspects (girls my age who had a bit of a boyband phase in early 2000) but you also had women 45+ screeching like a 13-year-old teenage girl at a One Direction concert, a group of men (yes grown men, I’m guessing roughly 30 years of age) being just as excited as the kids in the front row.

Shows like Pop Idol, Britain’s Got Talent and X Factor are honestly the last thing I watch, and the winning bands/artist are not the type of band I listen to. In my opinion, a band that works for their keep, appreciates their success and their fans a lot more than someone who just gets it handed to them. That’s not saying those people aren’t talented, on the contrary. I just think they fall prey to a money making machine that uses dreams of fame to get what it wants and then leave you high and dry because the hard-core fan base that was there with you from the start doesn’t exist. On that note, Will Young was one of the first in a  line of many winners of these shows, and maybe that’s what saved him, like Kelly Clarkson. The man is genuinely ridiculously talented. He is funny, entertaining, and I’m convinced he would have had a career even without winning a talent show. It’s good old fashioned pop mixed with a bit of jazz. There’s dance routines, special effects, anything a good pop show needs. However, it also feels a lot classier than any old pop concert. Maybe it’s Will#s voice, or maybe it’s the Eventim Apollo.

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