The Maccabees @O2 Brixton 22/01/2016

It’s a homecoming treat for The Maccabees with three sold out shows at O2 Academy Brixton after their fourth studio album ‘Marks To Prove It’ was released just after their smashing main stage performance at Reading Festival last year. Having formed over 12 years ago in their hometown of London, the indie band have slowly but steadily become a household name for doubtlessly delightful sounds.


Orlando, Hugo, Felix, Rupert and Sam take the stage after the crowd sang David Bowie’s ‘Changes’ in unison which blasted through the speakers at the South London venue.  They open the gig with the first title track from their 2015 EP ‘Marks To Prove It’ sending the crowd into instant dancing and singing mode. With a back catalogue spanning twelve years the band sure has enough material to fill an evening that won’t be soon forgotten and that convinces every single audience member that this band is here to stay.


 With the artwork of their latest album in background you could assume that tonight is all about the new stuff. But au contraire! We get treated to songs as far back as their first album Colour It In (2007) with ‘Latchmere’ and ‘Toothpaste Kisses’ in the encore. Our send-off are the ricocheting riffs of ‘Pelican’ from 2012’s Given To The Wild and the dancing continues through the cold January night through the streets of Brixton with an unforgettable Maccabees show edged in our memory.

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