Sunny Afternoon @Harold Pinter Theatre, 01/03/2016

Oh this is definitely one of my favorite musicals so far. I love The Kinks, and the 60s in general. You can’t listen to Sunny Afternoon or Waterloo Sunset and not want to sing along or dance. The musical is all about the back story of the brothers from London. How The Kinks became such a success and all the events leading up the summer of 1966 when they had their big break and England won the World Cup (a topic I think is overrated in the UK but of course it’s part of the musical).


The story is that of most young bands, desperate to get signed but not lose any of the originality, wanting to become famous, and so on. And the musical has all of that, the love, the drama, the humor. And of course the well-known Kinks tunes. The cast seem to actually play the instruments on stage, although I wouldn’t bet on it, as it was one of the few things that seems very unnatural to the cast. Everything else was not. Every single one of the boys were in their element, channeling the famous musicians. The musical is designed to take you back into a time where pirate radios were a thing and the miniskirt was THE fashion item. And maybe I was expecting too much, but it did not quite achieve the lift off into the 60s.

It is just one of those jukebox musicals, as a gig lover I think I may prefer musicals with a made up story, a true art piece almost. Jukebox musicals seem to want to reach for concert like atmosphere without achieving said thing. And if you don’t go a lot of concerts that works perfectly fine, if you do, however, it falls down on the excitement.