Jersey Boys @ Picadilly Theatre, 06/04/2016

You know all those songs you love from Dirty Dancing? Yes, Frankie Valli is your man. Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons to be exact. They are the Jersey Boys.


Jersey Boys is a jukebox musical telling us the story of Frankie and The Four Seasons, their rise to fame and their falling apart. Frankie is a young boy in Jersey whose voice is unlike anything else. Tommy DeVito, leader of a band who changes its name three times a week, takes him under his wings. The Jersey accents are spot on and actually quite adorable, they make the musical believable, and what’s better, the story telling in between helps the musical move to another level. It still tells the story, but with a bit more background information the scenes on stage take on more meaning and with it the producers are able to tell the whole story from start all the way through to the Jersey Boys’ induction into the Hall of Fame at the turn of the 21st century.


The show has all the elements a great broadway/West End show needs: there’s romance going on between the boys and the ladies they meet on the road, there’s drama when Frankie divorces his first wife and their daughter goes missing, there’s crime with the Jersey mafia goings-on for Tommy behind everyone else’s back and there’s lots and lots of great songs. You cannot deny this is a hit musical, and it’s a tourist attraction as well – we all know the songs, the world knows Frankie Valli’s songs.  It had me humming Big Girls Don’t Cry all the way home.


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