Glass Peaks @ Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, 27/05/2016

One of the great things about living in London is discovering new bands that you love all the time. But nothing’s better than going to see your friend’s new band and discovering their sound is pretty spectacular. London is buzzing with new bands left, right and center, and it can be hard for new artists to make their way in this jungle of venues, promoters and ticket sales. However, if you catch a new band live you will always be able to tell if they’re just another phase of hipsters picking up a guitar or a band that really wants to make it in this business. Glass Peaks definitely falls into the latter category.

Glass Peaks are a four-piece from London’s suburbs, founded just a few months ago by friends Lewis (vocals, guitar, synths), Jake (guitar) and Grant (drums) – with recent addition Alfie on bass. The band state their influences as Joy Division, The Smiths, Foals, Ben Howard, The Maccabees and more – and their sound honors all those great artists in a very humble way.

Photo 27-05-2016, 20 42 45

But let’s go back to Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on a warm(ish) Friday night in May. Shoreditch is known for its harbouring of up and coming artists in its hip venues that you can’t help but adore. A room that fills a mere 450 people if packed out seems small compared to the massive stadiums that the likes of the Smiths and Joy Division have filled – but hold on just a minute: even they started small, and if you ask me, nothing beats a small, intimate show.

The band take the stage at roughly twenty minutes past eight, quick instrument adjustment and off we go. First song – mind blown. Glass Peaks do something that many bands take years to achieve: they captivate the audience from the first riff until the last note throughout the set. There’s something about seeing a band whose songs you’ve never heard before. You listen closer, with more attention to lyrics and sound, you watch the faces on stage and in the crowd.

Glass Peaks make a support slot feel like a headline act and it’s no surprise once you hear the sound. You can imagine them playing in front of a KOKO crowd or headlining a festival – easily. With a heart-warming nervousness that all young bands have, Glass Peaks manage to still be confident on stage as if they were born to do exactly what they’re doing.

Photo 27-05-2016, 20 23 15

Final note: watch these guys, they’re headed for great things and will surely be headlining your favourite festivals in no time.

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