Beach Slang @Dingwalls, 08/06/2016

It was a late and sweaty one at Dingwalls this Wednesday. London had been a scorcher for a few days and the non-existence of air conditioning and proper insulation turns basically all building in the UK into a sauna. In any case, that would be annoying. For a punk gig at Dingwalls it just made it even stickier, sweatier and better than it would have been anyway.

Beach Slang are everything your teenage punk heart desires. As James Alex puts it “We’re here to punch you in the heart.” And they do.


The Pennsylvania natives crossed the pond to play a few shows after having just finished off a UK tour in January with Petal. The band only formed three years ago but in short time have made a name with their old school heartland punk rock. The band recently released a special edition RSD 2016 12” Broken Thrills picture disc and released their debut album Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like We Do just a year ago.

Back to Dingwalls. I get there just in time for the headline slot, the crowd is anxiously waiting for Beach Slang and are buzzing from the two supports. What follows is a beautiful mess of big hearted punk and an excited audience who just can’t get close enough to the band. This is what Beach Slang are all about: messy shows with too much talking and too much drinking – in the good sense. Their songs about how rock ’n’ roll makes even the biggest weirdos walk tall.

What the world needs is more bands like Beach Slang, because sloppy messy gigs are the best gigs. Clean cut, clean shaven shows are for pop music. Please come back soon!