Glass Peaks @ King’s Head Members Club, 14/07/2016

Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about this ridiculously talented new band Glass Peaks? It was apparent then, and has only continued, that these guys are headed for great things. They’ve released their first single yesterday – official, on iTunes and all. How exciting is that?? And to celebrate, as they should, they organised a little shindig in Hoxton at The King’s Head Members Club. Roughly eighty people gathered in the basement of what is hidden gem in East London. Friends, family, fans. Everyone beyond excited for what’s to come for the band.


After Shanghai Blues and First Family get the crowd in the mood for some rock n roll, Glass Peaks take the stage. The audience packs out the front of the stage, eager to hear the new single and more. The room fills with extraordinary levels of excitement, while the band exude an alluring mix of confidence, nervousness and coolness. One thing’s for sure, they’ve already got the whole ubercool, passion-radiating rockstar thing down to a T.

The last time I heard Glass Peaks songs was a few weeks ago, however tonight the set list feels weirdly familiar, like you’ve heard those songs a million times on your iPod on your way to work. Like you’ve got their album in your vinyl collection and give it a spin daily. If you ask me, this is what makes for great songwriting. A song that sounds familiar after having listened to it just once. You wish you knew all the words, so you could sing along. Speaking of singling along – the crowd thoroughly learned their lyrics for Glass Peaks’ debut single Your Eyes thus creating an atmosphere of a sold-out small venue show. Standing close to the stage, the rest of the room could have been another hundred square feet big and it would not have surprised me in the slightest. “The crowd goes mental” as some would say when the first chords of the single ring through the speakers. Like a song they’ve heard a million times, like Frank Turner playing I Still Believe at any gig. Ecstasy ensues amongst the crowd with jumping and singing and dancing. As a young band I can only imagine how big their hearts must have been at that moment.


The ca. 1-hour set finishes on a high, on a high so massive the crowd calls for another song. And they didn’t sound like they would take no for an answer. But ask and you shall receive: an encore of debut single Your Eyes. Lead singer Lewis admits it’s not something you do as a band, but tonight isn’t like any other night. So why the hell not play the very first single twice to a crowd more than willing to keep the vibe going?

It was truly an intimate affair, but with the feel of a sold-out small venue gig. A party worthy of the guitar-saturated alt-pop anthem these guys have just released. Congratulations again, lads! You deserve all the great things coming for you.

You can download Your Eyes here:
If you want to give it a listen first, spotify can help:

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