Sunset Sons @ O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, 27/10/2016

Last Thursday night an incredible Sunset Sons sent West London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire into delirium with their fantastic show, the penultimate of their UK tour. Just last April they released their debut album Very Rarely Say Die and they have been on rocketing into popularity ever since.


To be fair, it’s not very hard to fall in love with the four-piece British-Aussie band. Their classic indie rock sound is easy on the ears and their live shows easy on the eyes. They pull a crowd mixed with 14-year-old new-music discoverers up to 55-year-old sound-appreciators. And with support from Airways and Jessarae, the evening shaped up to be one of the best shows of 2016, with only great things ahead for Sunset Sons.

Their set was filled with songs from their debut album, kicking off with Medicine and Tick Tock, new track VROL (which was a hint at what the new album is going to sound like) and an encore of fan favorites with I Can’t Wait, Lost Company and On The Road.  


From the first note to the last drop of confetti, the crowd is breathing in those good vibes and responding with enthusiastic sing-alongs and jumps. Which wasn’t hard to do with the energy the band put into their set. You know those indie bands that are too cool for themselves and are stuck in one spot barely moving? Not Sunset Sons, especially frontman Rory Williams feels the beats and sounds throughout his body it seems and shares that love for what he does with the audience.

It was exactly what a great gig of an up and coming band should be: heart-warming interactions, mutual respect between the artists and the crowd, impeccable sound and confetti (I mean, come on, we all love confetti!).

With a show like this, Sunset Sons are sure headed for great things down the road. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them smashing next year’s festival summer.


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