Busted are back with a bang

Okay, admission time: I was not a cool teenager. I was very much a 00s girl, obsessed with boybands like Backstreet Boys and NSync. So even Busted didn’t miss my radar. However, I was never too into them, but always liked their tunes. Seeing them live thirteen years after their last album was something else. Mainly because I personally think their new album deserves a lot more credit than it is getting. If any indie band released an album this good, critics would be singing their praises. Coming Home gives me all the chills and and all the feels. Thanks for a fabulous night, Busted!

Whether you were into pop or not at the time, we all remember Year 3000 and What I Go To School For blasting on our radios in 2002 and propelling the three Essex boys into super stardom. They’ve now made a triumphant return with Night Driver, their first album in thirteen years. And their accompanying tour has us hoping they’re here to stay.

Nothing makes a twenty-somethings’ heart jump quite as much as seeing their teenage idols return live on stage – that’s a fact. And for Busted fans, Friday night was everything they’ve hoped for and more. But even for non-Busted fans, this night was something else. It’s not easy merging 00s pop-rock anthems with 80s-retro synth pop tunes but Busted form a perfect mix of both throughout the evening.

It’s clear the band has grown, and grown up at the same time. Tracks from Night Driver are sophisticated synth pop and have the potential to become indie anthems all on their own. The eerie melancholy of Coming Home for example has the room in awe of the musical potential this band still hold. And with Those Days Are Gone, Busted send us off into the night.

A night that neither the band, nor their fans will soon forget.