Ghost take the crowd to church at O2 Forum Kentish Town

Swedish rockers Ghost held a very special Sunday Mass at London’s O2 Forum Kentish Town. 

With their latest album Popestar out last year, the heavy metal band from Sweden made their way to the UK to spread their (oc)cult messages. With Ghost it’s a different kind of heavy metal, though. It’s melodic, enchanting and so addictive. Not only their music, but more so their live shows draw you in and then, just like a cult, never let you go until it’s all over.

Just before Ghost come on stage, a nearly fifteen minute loop of Gregorio Allegri’s Miserere Mei, Deus choral echoes through the room, filling the venue with an eerie suspension. The fans, eagerly awaiting their preachers, go wild with every suspicious movement on stage until the five-piece take the stage and mass may commence. With Ghost’s new leader Papa Emeritus III, dressed accordingly, and a massive stained glass window backdrop the service is open to all who believe in the horns. Every song, every call for approval by the band is met with metal’s infamous hand sign and chanting from the audience.

To see a show this big in a venue like The Forum is incredible to say the least. Whether you like metal or not, whether you’re religious or not (though it could probably be a bit offensive if you’re super catholic) – Ghost will invite you into their occult like atmosphere and you will happily follow enjoying every single minute until the service is over, and the congregation is sent home.

With just one song played off their new record, it’s clear the entertainment is more important than the album-promo part of the show. A delivery of fan favourites will always get the audience roaring and as it said in the bible (and probably somewhere in Satan’s book as well): Ask and you shall be given, seek and you shall find – worship your band and you shall be blessed with all the hymns you like.

And with an encore of Monstrance Clock, Ghost send the masses off into the night after a rocking Sunday mass to a worshipping crowd.