Papa Roach deliver an intense performance at O2 Academy Brixton

Playing tracks off their new record Crooked Teeth as well as old school classics. 

Papa Roach came in full force for their show at London’s O2 Academy Brixton last night.

With their iconic nu metal sound and a big dash Jacoby Shaddix’s signature rap-rock, the band played songs of their new album Crooked Teeth, which was released last April, and their old school hits. Needless to say the crowd was absolutely loving it.

A thrilling intro with the words: “This is a public service announcement. Now put your middle fingers upgot the audience all riled up and ready for what was to be bestowed upon them. And just roughly two minutes from the first guitar riff hitting the speakers the first mosh pit had formed. And it wouldn’t be the last tonight.

With a haunting backdrop of their scratchy band logo, glowing in red lights, the band kicked off their set with the band began their Crooked Teeth title track. 

Papa Roach’s loyal fans got everything they wanted that night as front man Jacoby Shaddix made sure to play the favourites, like Getting Away with Murder as the next track up, and not forgetting Last Resort which was played second to last.

One track that stays in your mind tonight is Scars. The song’s intense emotions are set free by the nearly 5,000-cap venue singing their bruised little hearts out.

The highlight of the show however arrived just before the encore with the band’s 2006 hit Forever, which blended into a rendition of In the End by Linkin Park. You could cut the emotions with a knife and Shaddix and bassist Tobin Esperance, who both knew Chester Bennington before his tragic suicide earlier this year, were clearly putting all their feelings into this one. With heads bowed and eyes closed, Jacoby finished his heartfelt tribute with the words “We love you Chester!”.

With nearly 25 years under their belt, Papa Roach remain one of the best rock bands to see live and their new album is proof that they are here to stay.