Country duo Two Ways Home shine bright at Country Music Week

As part of Country Music Week’s Day Time Hub at the Borderline, Two Ways home played a brilliant set on Sunday.

Sunday marked the closing of London’s first ever Country Music week celebrating some of the country’s most talented, well, country acts. With additions of some star-studded American bands, the whole week shaped up to be a big celebration of a genre that just keeps on growing in the UK, seeing more and more extremely talented artists emerging. One of those emerging bands is Two Ways Home.

Isi and Lewis met through mutual friends at uni and started off in a pop-rock covers band (who doesn’t love a good Bon JOvi cover?!), after the band fell apart the two started making music together and friends suggested they have great country music harmonies – and boy, do they!

Their set is a true pleasure to watch and listen to, with Isi being all smiles and stage banter between the two being on point. For Better Days they bring out Nashville singer-songwriter Logan Brill, who would be performing later on that day. The ballad fits the Sunday mood perfectly and the audience is far from complaining about the slower songs. But Isi promises “We’ll take it down a bit more but then we’ll bring it back up, I promise!”

As the duo launch into Apologies it becomes clear how far they have come as songwriters. It’s a track that’s memorable, new country so to speak – something you could see a Juliette Barnes sing on hit TV show Nashville. The stomping rhythm stays with the listeners ong after the song is over.

Before they play their final song, Two Ways Home remind the crowd they’ll be hanging at the merch stand afterwards. “If you didn’t get home this week, you can buy a t-shirt and you can smell fresh.” Isi jokingly adds. Lewis then points out that it’s a great idea and maybe they should start selling underwear. Because hey, why not?!

With Push and Pull the pair finish off their brilliant set at Country Music Week. Its extremely catchy chorus and relatable lyrics about an on-again-off-relationship have everyone tapping their feet all the way home.


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