Temecula Road play spectacular set for Country Music Week

It was a fun day with The Adelaides, Levi Hummon, JT Harding, Jillian Jaqueline and Temecula Road. 

Comprised of sisters Emma and Maddie as well as longtime friend Dawson, the young band delivered a spectacular closing set to saturday’s Day Time Hub at The Borderline. They made their UK debut at Country To Country Festival earlier this year and were named one of Radio Disney’s “Next Big Thing” artists in the US.

Temecula Road take the stage as the final act of a day packed with country music courtesy of new British trio The Adelaides, Nashville singer-songwriter Levi Hummon, surprise guest and legendary songwriter TJ Harding and C2C singer Jillian Jacqueline.

Their six-track set showcases the band’s talent and potential, not only do they write tracks that could get an entire arena dancing but their on-stage banter, alongside their engaging lyrics, makes them relatable to especially the younger audiences. Tracks like That’s A Kiss and What If I Kiss You give the crowd an idea of what this band is all about. The collective swaying is just one indicator of how engrossed the circa 300-cap venue is with Emma, Maddie and Dawson.

An impressive medley of 2016’s best country hits in just a little over three minutes is up next. What started out as a fun experiment on Facebook ended up going viral and it’s no surprise why.

Whatever part of the crowd they haven’t won over at this point, the following cover of the Eagles’ legendary hit Desperado sure does the trick as the whole venue sings along to the iconic chorus.

As they launch into their latest single Everything Without You Dawson urges the crowd to scooch in a little, but adds “just don’t make out, that’s weird”. Maddie is quick to point out “he just wishes it was him”. Produced by Mike Daly and co-written by Nashville great Tom Douglas, the song perfectly flaunts the group’s incredible harmonies with its message of unconditional love.

The trio close their set off with their fun and summery track Hoping which is an endearing back-and-forth about a classic American first date and all it entails, from the car borrowed from dad to the walk up to the front door. The conversation style lyrics and foot-tapping sound make sure the listener is engaged until the very end.

Temecula Road have us swept up in their set from the first track until the last with their blended harmonies and catchy tunes. It’s clear they have gained more confidence since their last C2C performance with a tight and fun set. Be sure to keep an eye out for more to come from Maddie, Emma and Dawson.

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