Fine Creatures share debut single Birthday Cake

Pop-rock outfit Fine Creatures have released their first track – check it out. 

Released via UK independent label Seaside Records, Birthday Cake was recorded by multifaceted producer Dan Austin (Doves, SLØTFACE, Mallory Knox, Young Legionnaire) at Eve Studios, Stockport / Real World, Bath. The track is as infectious as it is catchy, combining luscious shoe-gazing ambience, with undeniable vocal melodies, and scratchy grunge-esque guitar hooks that will burrow their way into your mind. Don’t believe it? Have it a listen below: 

Formed of three friends studying at university in 2013, the inception of Fine Creatures took place through sharing a student house and a love of ‘60’s pop and ‘90s alt-rock. With the later addition of Malte Henning on guitar, the Brighton four-piece were complete – and things really started to pick up.

“When we first started, I always said that I wanted to be ‘the dirty Beatles’,” laughs Fine Creatures frontman, James Hall. “That’s a good way to describe us.”

It’s that rough and ready blueprint of pop, grunge, and psychedelia where melody meets menace that makes Fine Creatures such a bright shining hope. They make inescapable earworms, but with a nasty bite.

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