Ducking Punches share new video for Smoking Spot

The track is taken from their upcoming record Alamort which is out next February. 

Folk-punk quintet Ducking Punches have a new video out for their latest single Smoking Spot off of new record Alamort, set for release on 16 February 2018 via Xtra Mile Recordings.

Smoking Spot is a dizzying thrill-a-second rush of splintered guitars, cascading percussion and chest-pounding vocals. With a tangible yearning to break free rippling through the track, the song has its head and heart possessed with notions of escapism. As filmed at one of the band’s own old haunts and headspace hideaways, the accompanying music video offers an intimate reflection of the song’s lyrical themes.

Opening up about the new single, plus the touching tribute to a close friend of the band’s hidden within the video, Dan Allen of Ducking Punches said: “This is a song about a private place I have with my buddies, where we’ve made some of the brightest memories. We’d often drive out there if someone was having a bad time and take in the expansive world around us, realising how small we all are, which in turn would alleviate the pain of our problems. It’s humbling and grounding at the same time. We shot the video and let off a bunch of fireworks at one of these spaces. The fireworks that grace tons of our videos act as a tribute to my closest friend that we lost. Smoking spot is for friendship, for love and for those shared burdens on tired shoulders.”

On 16 February Ducking Punches will play recodrelease shows at London’s Lexington an a day later they’ll head to Norwich for a show at the Arts Centre. Produced by Bob Cooper it marks the band’s fourth album and follow’s 2016’s Fizzy Brain.

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