You need to listen to Lost Like Alice’s new track

Singer-songwriter Ben Parker shares the latest single with new project Lost Like Alice. 

He’s been performing and writing songs since the age of 11, playing his songs all over the UK. Now Ben Parker has a brand new project with Lost Like Alice and the latest track Headlights. 

The heartfelt ballad goes down like smooth Tennessee whiskey and will have you want to curl up in a blanket and feel all the feels. Taken from his newest EP 20, set for release in 2018, Headlights is an endearing love song for the one he adores but feels is out of his reach. Its stripped-back, mellow character feels extremely soul bearing and personal, hence makes the track relatable and lovable. The pureness of just a little gentle guitar strumming wrapped around Ben’s vocals truly showcases the hidden songwriting talents. 

Have a listen for yourself below:

“Headlights is probably the most biographical song I’ve ever written. The ability to translate my thoughts and feelings has never changed, only the subject matter as I’ve got older. A few of the songs on Thread came from a pretty dark place and I feel like Headlights and the new EP 20 is the start of getting to the other side of that” Ben says about his new track. 

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