Levi Hummon premieres new video on CMT

Country singer Levi Hummon has shared a new video for his latest single Stupid. 

The video for the extremely catchy track follows Hummon throughout various live performances and live on the road. Stupid tells of finding the courage to sometimes just do things, whether or not they are right or make sense at that moment, or even what the consequences may be. It’s a tip for life we should all follow more often.

Just last year, Levi was named “One to Watch” by Rolling Stone, made his Grand Ole Opry debut, and performed at the sold-out CMA Songwriters Series in the UK in October as part of Country Music Week as well as a performance at London’s Borderline.

Writing songs was practically something Hummon was born into. The country singer was raised in Nashville, surrounded by music greats including his father, Grammy-Award winning songwriter Marcus Hummon. 

Check out the video below:

The track originally premiered with Just Jared Jr, whom he told: “One night I was sitting over at my parents house and my two younger brothers were getting ready to go out to a party. I remember hearing them say ‘tonight we are getting so stupid.’ I thought to myself how dumb it sounded, but at the same time how it could be a really awesome title for a country song,”

“A couple days later I brought the idea to the co-writing session. The co-writers and I turned the idea into a song about two people not wanting to think too much, or be concerned with their history and just acting on instinct. ‘Stupid’ is a song about just jumping instead of thinking, kissing when you have the chance, and forgetting about consequences.”

“With so much going on in the world and so much worry in on our hearts, sometimes you just want to spin a track that helps you escape for a few minutes, and that’s what we hope folks can find in this song,” Levi adds.