Seaway turn up the heat at The Garage

Canadian pop-punk outfit Seaway crowned their eight-date UK tour with a show at London’s The Garage last Wednesday. 

There ain’t no party like a pop-punk party and Seaway sure know how make it one. The Ontario-based band was touring the UK last week in support of their recently released third album Vacation.  They had British singer-songwriter Lizzy Farrall and Edinburgh rockers WOES in tow with them to get the celebration going.

Lizzy Farrall kicks things off with tracks off her brand new EP All I Said Was Never Heard including tracks like Hollow Friends, Better With and more. Lizzy’s hauntingly beautiful voice echoes throughout the room and wraps itself around the acoustic sounds of her songs, which she says “are fuller, with a full band” on the EP.

Her “most acoustic” track of the evening is Broken Toy, which had just hit 100k streams on Spotify that day. The sad songs Farrall writes, sound even more sad live but bathed in a sea of Lizzy’s eerie vocals and so we get lost and hooked, wanting to sit in our bedrooms with the volume turned up high, staring at the ceiling.

Pop-punk quartet WOES take the stage next and these boys are pumped – not only have they just released their latest single Real World, they’ve also signed to a brand new label, UNFD, who will support the band going forward. WOES bring the oomph to the party tonight: fast tracks, a bass to make the walls vibrate and energy for days.

They continuously urge the crowd to dance, or “go nuts”, and the audience happily obliges. WOES also follow their tradition of “doing really stupid covers” with an ode to the great Papa Roach and their legendary track Last Resort. The Scottish band give it their all on this Wednesday night and are rewarded with a crowd that drinks in every minute of their set.

“London, we’re here for one night, and one night only!” Ryan Locke announces as Seaway take the stage for the headline slot at the North London venue.  The band kicked off their set with Best Mistake from 2015’s Colour Blind, followed by Something Wonderful of the band’s latest release Vacation. As they leap into their third track of the night, Ryan remarks that “this one is for you, London!” before the first riffs of the band’s newest single London rips through the speakers.
The new tracks go down a treat with the audience, even if Locke requests more stage diving from the crowd: “Get to the front, more stage diving! I thought this was London!” he calls with his uber-cool frontman mannerism that is only rivalled by the likes of Alex Turner – as far as the stage diving goes, the crowd seems to have accepted the challenge as Seaway dive into Apartment.

“When we come here it feels like were from here but we’re not, we’re so far away, but you’re just so good!” Ryan shouts just as the band play the last few notes on the very catchy Lula On The Beach.

There’s no encore, and it’s not something Seaway need. They got an “amazing send-off from the UK” from their London audience and they, in return, sure had one of the best Wednesday night gigs in a long time. 




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