Watch Megan O’Neill’s new video for ‘Ghost of You’

London-based singer/songwriter Megan O’Neill has released the music video for her latest, upbeat country-leaning single Ghost of You, released just last month. 

Premiered on Chris Country, the video mirrors the songs story of always keeping a part of past relationships with you and remembering the good times.

Ghost of You was filmed and directed by Declan Creffield, featuring actors Morwenna Hocken & Tom Claxton. Describing the inspiration, O’Neill said: “The song itself is about living with the ghost of your past, the ghost of someone you love and the lyrics don’t specify if it’s about a loved one that’s no longer with us or one that is, but just is no longer in your life.”

“I wanted this video to end with the viewer still not sure whether or not there is a happy ending – in the same way that the lyrics are unexplanatory. You’ll see what I mean! It has certainly been a new experience having a full story board music video and me not being in it!  But it’s been such a fun process and everyone involved did an incredible job” she continues.

Megan and her band return to the stage on 10 February for a headline show at Under The Bridge, London, as part of the Nashville Nights event.

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