Music on, feelings off – Here’s your anti-Valentine’s playlist

For all those who don’t need no man (or woman), who have just been dumped or those who simply don’t see the point in a holiday made up by the greeting card industry – here are your tracks! 

Punk and rock are here to save you from all the pink and red, all the hearts and arrows, the sea of meaningless greeting cards, the flood of roses and teddy bears, the sheer never-ending sappy sentiment all around you because, guess what, Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Also known as singles-awareness-day.

So here’s the deal, we get it. Love is great, we all know that. But sometimes, it just really sucks. Whether you just got out of a bad relationship, been played, had a terrible Tinder date or it’s yet another Valentine’s Day without a date – we got you, we feel you.

This Valentine’s Day, if you’re not feeling it, put on your headphones and turn up these bangers including Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, Nirvana, Blondie and Frank Turner, who are all here to tell you that sometimes love sucks, and it’s okay to tell people.


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