Post-rockers Coldbones reveal new video and debut album details

South-East coast post-rockers Coldboneshave announced the release of their debut album Where It All Began on 6 April via Crooked Noise Records and they’ve also unveiled their debut single New Heights

Combining elements of prog, shoegaze, metal and atmospheric soundscapes, Coldbones present a fresh and engaging take on post rock. Intelligent arrangements and atmospheric layers are plentiful and there are many curve-balls to shock and surprise, which are masterfully weaved into eight concise tracks.

Where It All Began tells the story of a butterfly’s life, with each track representing a key moment in its journey. From the Caspases enzymes that start the transformation process in the cocoon, to discovering New Heights in flight, through to the unknown after death in To Whatever End, Where It All Began is a fascinating and beautiful musical journey. And with every track performed soley with drums, bass and guitars, their analogue and organic approach adds warmth, personality and a rawness unique to the band.

Since their inception, Coldbones have slowly but surely built a passionate fanbase: an early tour with Elephantis helped put them on the map, then a more recent tour with Tides Of Man saw fans hailing them as the most exciting new band in post-rock. This is also in part due to their phenomenal live show, where their music is complemented by mesmerising homemade visuals; a true testament to their DIY ethic and skills.

2018 will not only see them release this much anticipated debut album, but also touring the UK and beyond. More news announced soon.