The Wandering Hearts deliver a first class debut record with Wild Silence

Meet your favorite new folk-Americana band and their debut album Wild Silence, released on 9 February via Decca Records. 

The UK’s hottest new Americana outfit have their debut album out this week and you won’t stop listening to it once you hit play – believe me. The quartet has been making quite the splash in the country music scene with their recent win of the Bob Harris Emerging Artist Award at the Americana Awards 2018 as well as their killer debut single Devil which was released earlier in 2017.

A tale that seems too unbelievable to be true, The Wandering Hearts met almost by chance and were discovered 26 minutes after uploading their first ever demo to SoundCloud, recorded only the second time the band had met to rehearse together. Their shared passion for Americana, vocal harmonies and gin drew them together two years ago, and one afternoon in an empty bar room of the Earl Haig Hall in Crouch End, The Wandering Hearts were born. The band signed a major recording deal with Decca Records shortly after.

Kicking the record off with Rattle the band perfectly showcase what they do best – feet-tapping melodies, beautiful guitar picking and perfect Americana harmonies creating up-beat tunes. Recently released single Burning Bridges as well as If I Fall and Laid In The Ground in return offer slower, more stripped back sounds that truly lets the band’s vocal harmonies and abilities shine bright.

With some albums, the catchy songs are usually the single releases – and while that is also true for Wild Silence the record still has many hidden gems that would work just as perfectly as single releases, including the urgent and pop-y title track Wild Silence as well as the haunting and very 70’s sounding Change For The Good. 

Whether it’s endearing love songs or heart-wrenching break-up songs, The Wandering Hearts know how to tell a great story, just like a good Chris Stapleton track.

The album contains the title track off the previously released EP Burning Bridges as well as last year’s hit singles Devil and Wish I Could and the only real downside of the record is that it feels like it’s over too quick. You will be lost in the moment listening to Wild Silence and find yourself almost heartbroken that it doesn’t go on forever – but thankfully, there’s a repeat button!

Speaking of the album, The Wandering Hearts say, “The title track Wild Silence is about an unspoken, unexplainable bond that draws people together. You don’t know why or how, all you know is that you can’t ignore or fight it. Everyone can relate to this feeling, and as a band we certainly can, so we felt it was a fitting title for the album as a whole. We met almost serendipitously two years ago and since then, we have built a deep, often unspoken connection and understanding of one another.”

“We are so grateful for the support we have received in such a short amount of time together as a band. We have worked hard on this album and are so excited to be able to share it with people!”

With Wild Silence The Wandering Hearts have delivered a debut album that rivals the broad accessibility of Fleetwood Mac. This record will be sure to propel the four Brits into a whole different sphere of success, and it’s all very well deserved. 





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