Glass Peaks share new single ‘(Don’t) Ask Me To Dance’

The trio’s new track is heavier and some of the rawest stuff they’ve done to date. 

(Don’t) Ask Me To Dance is the latest release from London/Kent trio Glass Peaks. This song see’s the boys take a dramatic shift in dynamic from their previous material to uncover richer, darker and more aggressive undertones. This release takes the dainty and delicate elements of previous production work and throws it into the blender with raw, glitchy, distorted and erratic soundscapes designed to leave the listener feeling as if they’re being pulled in multiple directions, with no real way of escaping.

The track delivers the band’s signature catchy choruses, but in a much bigger and intense way. (Don’t) Ask Me To Dance reminds of big U2 stadium rock at points while still making you want to take this track down to your local venue and pack it full of die-hard fans and create the sweaty, messy goodness that is Glass Peaks live on stage.

Listen to the full track below:

Just ahead of the single release Alf, Grant and Jake chatted about their new track, their live shows and what 2018 holds for the fresh British talent. 

2017 has been a bit of a whirlwind of a year for you guys – tell me a bit more about it, what were your favourite moments?

Alf: 2017 was indeed a bit of a whirlwind. There were a lot of changes that happened in quick succession and we learned a lot of lessons about adapting to new situations / troubleshooting problematic scenarios. The intense gig schedule kept us on our toes, though and looking back, I don’t think we’d have had it any other way! Big highlights were opening up for the Maxïmo Park lads, a strange encounter with White Lies and getting busy writing new tunes!

Let’s talk about your new single ‘(Don’t) Ask Me To Dance’. It’s a bit darker than the stuff you’ve put out before, is it an intentional change in direction or did you want to try something different?

Alf: We’ve actually been sitting on this tune for a while, and it just felt like the next logical thing to put out. It’s so different to anything we’ve previously released and I feel like it’s the most honest representation of us as a band. It’s the most excited I’ve felt about a record we’ve made in a very long time!

Grant: We’ve always had a darker side, but this is definitely it manifesting itself.

You’ve had the support from BBC Introducing and This Feeling almost from the very start of your career. How important is it for up and coming bands to have this support?

Jake: The guys over at BBC introducing have been amazing to us, and it really helps. In a sense of like, once the BBC like you it makes the rest of the country turn their heads and be like “oh I better check these guys out.” People trust the BBC’s music taste.

Grant: I think it’s very important. Creating those relationships with people are vital. We’re blessed that both Abbie and This Feeling really dig us.

Jake: The guys over at This Feeling are super cool. Really lovely people who are in it for all the right reasons. They’re taking small bands and putting them them on huge stages which is amazing. We hope to work with them way more this year.

Grant: 100%. Our first show with them in December was amazing. They really make their gigs that bit more special.

From playing alongside other bands last year, whether it’s as support or co-headliners, do you feel you all learn a lot from each other?

Alf: I think you always learn so much from all of the bands you play with on the road. We made some great friends last year on the road and it’s so important to lift each other up and support one another’s creative endeavours as much as possible! It’s easy to get caught up solely in what you’re doing, but our friends on the scene are the ones who inspire us and keep our own creative juices flowing.

Grant: I’m constantly being inspired by other people in every aspect. So if I reciprocate that, it’s amazing.

Your live shows tend to get quite intense (in a good way, of course) – is that an atmosphere that you strive for or something that just happens naturally?

Alf: I think we always want to maximise the energy in the room. There’s no better feeling than when people are evidently into what you’re doing. That audible/visual aspect of people singing along and moving around is phenomenal. We always want to bring the intensity, wherever we are!

Grant: Our passion comes through. We love what we do and we want people to have a good time with our music! 70s disco vibes.

What does 2018 have in store for you?

Jake: LOTS of new music, a big old UK Tour, festivals, beers and long car journeys listening to Grant tell us how much he can’t stand Ed Sheeran.