Avalanche Party release new single ahead of UK tour

Porcelain is out now and you need to check out this alt-rock gang from North Yorkshire. 

“I’ll redefine your notion of the best a man can be” is the mission statement of rising Yorkshire band Avalanche Party, who today release new single Porcelain on Clue Records. Commanding and anthemic, the track captures the quintet at their finest – oozing bucketloads of energy and charisma, contagious soundscapes and meticulous attention to detail.

“Porcelain is what The Coasters would have sounded like if they had taken slightly more crack. 1950’s benzo-psychosis of the worst kind. If it seems a good idea at the time then it probably is, hence this song of degradation, food, notions and gardens”

Porcelain is released digitally, and also on 12” limited edition blood red vinyl alongside three other tracks – including previous single I’m So Wet. 

Avalanche Party were formed by brothers Jordan and Joe, who spent summers in their youth in the Yorkshire dales, camping by firelight, and their winters snowed into their isolated hill top home with nothing but the sounds of Bo Diddley, Link Wray, Wilko Johnson and Jimi Hendrix to keep them company. The boys played their first gig at the age of twelve, and music is ingrained in their being.