Review: Moose Blood – I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore

With their new album out on Friday via Hopeless Records, Moose Blood let their songs do all the talking. 

Amongst many other things (such as epic live shows), Canterbury four-piece Moose Blood do one thing extremely well: paint a solid story the listener can relate to. And they do so with every song on I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore. And even though this is a highly anticipated release for the band after the huge success of their previous album Blush, they have nothing to worry about as it lives up not only to expectations but also the standard of what has become Moose Blood’s signature sound.

Album opener and latest single Have I Told You Enough is just one of those brilliant examples. It showcases the band’s evolution and growing up. “The song is about my relationship with my little one,” says singer Eddy Brewerton, “She is getting older now and is finding me being away for months at a time harder than she did before. I just wanted to write a song that she could always listen to and know that she is everything to me.” Meaning, I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore isn’t a record full of love stories and heartache, it’s an album about what life is really all about when you grow up: family, love, and friendship.

“We’re incredibly grateful to be in this band,” offers ever self-effacing frontman Brewerton, “but there are some aspects of this journey that have been really hard. Especially being away from home so much, for me it got me to a point where I was questioning if I still wanted to be in Moose Blood at all. I think we all were really, and that’s where the title of the record comes from.” 

Indeed, the first single to be taken from the record, melancholic earworm Talk In Your Sleep explores relationship breakdown from the perspective of an absent, on the road partner; the vagaries of trying to navigate long-distance love just one of many knotty

Just Outside is lyrically one of the stand-out tracks on the record as it talks about the lack of communication in male friendships and the implications on mental health. “Oh come one why didn’t you tell me, I had to hear it from my wife, I was just outside” the chorus calls.

Can We Stay Like This is a beautiful and honest love song that just bursts with positive vibes of finally having found the one. But what’s more, it’s also one of the catchiest tracks on the album and will sure grow to be a fan favourite.

Speaking of hooks, Such A Shame also promises to be a crowd pleaser with its heavy guitar riffs and memorable chorus. And with the last track on the record, a hauntingly beautiful ballad about the struggle with anxiety/depression and everything simply being Too Much, Moose Blood remind their listeners of what they do best: emo and grunge infused rock with lyrics that are all too real.

I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore is not only a beautiful record musically and lyrically, but more so Moose Blood take a big step in showing their fans and listeners that it’s okay to talk and that everyone struggles, you are not alone. This Friday, make sure you give this one a spin – you won’t regret it, promised.

Moose Blood are in the middle of their UK tour, make sure to catch them live:
8 March – O2 Institute, Birmingham
9 March – O2 Academy Bristol
10 March – Roundhouse, London