Lost Like Alice’s new EP is out now!

Conceptual EP 20 is the newest stroke of genius from singer songwriter Ben Parker’s Lost Like Alice project. 

Lost Like Alice has gone on to earn countless praise from radio, online and other publications alike as one of the best visual songwriters to emerge from the Welsh music scene. Previous singles have seen extensive play across airwaves, with single ‘Headlights’ gaining notable support from the likes of BBC Wales’s own Frank Hennessey. Having further established himself as an intimate live performer, Lost Like Alice has made appearances at various venues nationwide, resulting in a showcase of his talent at Manchester Academy, with dates at the likes of FOCUS Wales, WalesFest and various London shows later in the year yet to come.

The latest tour de force on offer by Lost Like Alice sees the release of the EP 20. The release offers the most enlightening performance from Ben (Lost Like Alice) to date. In harmony with his recognisable style of songwriting, the EP is a conceptual coupling between Ben’s progressive look on personal circumstances, paired with a tonality which nods towards blues, folk and old rock-acoustic timbres. For those looking to gain more heart from their listening experience, 20 offers depth and clarity, defined by unmistakable and prominent feeling, channelled through a six-part production resulting in a collection of deep, meaningful tracks that are professionalism personified.

Of the EP, Ben says: “20 is a combination of impactful stories from my life, leading up to who I am as a person. It’s me in a room, channelling my ideas, my thoughts and feelings, into a collection of songs that I’m incredibly proud of. The EP was completely self-produced and was such a refreshing experience.”

Stream the whole thing here: