Dame Jean release debut single ‘Wasted Love’

Dame Jean are here to reclaim rock n roll and we’re all for it! 

Sickly sweet choruses stick in your head and surfing riffs will rot your brains. Dame Jean build a bridge between The Velvet Underground and Pixies, before plunging fearlessly into the ocean of noise below.

Just this Friday the band launched the single with a show at The Bell in Bath. About the inspiration behind the track, frontman Sammy Crocker says: “I imagine it’s pretty self explanatory, but it was written in the heat of the moment during a pretty intense break up just to purge all those toxic hateful thoughts I had in my head. About eight months have passed since writing it and emotions and opinions have faded surrounding the event but the song remains a window into how I was feeling at the time.”

Dame Jean will also be playing this year’s Camden Rocks festival on 2 June.