Asylums reveal new single and announce new album details

Asylums return with the feel-good hit of the summer in the shape of new single When We Wake Up. 

The track s built for throwing warm lager in the air at Reading Festival, for pogoing in your kitchen just because you can, for shoulder-barging your best mate on the dancefloor. It’s a chorus that still gives you goosebumps even on the nth listen! But underneath the energy runs the intelligence of a band that are compelled to reflect the real stories around them.

Asylums have also announced the release of their highly anticipated sophomore album “Alien Human Emotions” which is set for a 6 July release on Cool Thing Records. You can pre-order the album here and receive an instant grat download of When We Wake Up.

Asylums aren’t waiting for millennial redemption to find them, they’re making their own. Straight out of Essex and running at full throttle. The band have taken the challenge of the “difficult” second album and used it as a jump ramp to a higher plane. They’ve always been about massive, thrashing melodic anthems but this is, quite simply, the massivist. The band has changed fundamentally in the last two years, certainly older and potentially wiser. A project that started out as a fizzing ball of un-focused youthful energy (albeit one with great tunes) has morphed into something altogether darker and more intense. It’s a slug of ice-cold Jagermeister coming after the two pints of lager and a vodka Red Bull of the debut.

Alien Human Emotions tackles themes of bitter sex and soured relationships which swirl over bleak analyses of a disintegrating social and political landscape. Frustrated rage writhes below the surface on every track and occasionally bursts through with a shocking intensity. But everywhere are hooks both musical and lyrical that demand repeat listens. The music seeping thru owes as much to the brooding darkness of The Cure as it does to the disjointed mind of Flaming Lips singer Wayne Coyne,both of which only add to the dark danceability of the album.

What you have to look forward to is twelve tracks of killer hooks, soaring melodies, moments of dark audio experimentalism and a social conscience worn like a high-viz jacket.

Catch the band live at one of the following shows:
21 April 2018 – Distortion Festival, Brighton
4 May 2018 – Night People, Manchester
5 May 2018 – Sound City Festival (supporting Idles)
2 June 2018 – Camden Rocks Festival
7 September – Wheels & Fins Festival, Kent