Interview: Ryan Kinder chats C2C, UK country music and more

American singer-songwriter Ryan Kinder 

The Knoxville-born and Alabama-raised country singer just recently visited the UK for the first time to play Country To Country Festival as well as a few shows as part of the C2C Roadshow.

Kinder has co-written with some of Nashville’s most successful writers, including Josh Osborne, Ashley Gorley, Ross Copperman, Tom Douglas and Luke Sheets, and has shared the stage with Tim McGraw, Lady Antebellum, Brett Eldredge and Zac Brown, who personally handpicked him for the Great American Road Trip Tour.

Just last month he revealed his latest single Leap Of Faith – so after his busy UK trip, Ryan took the time to chat about his first trip to the British Islands, UK country music and what else he’s planned for 2018.

How was your C2C Festival? Tell me about your favourite moments?

It was an incredible experience. It was my first time in the UK so I was very excited to be there. It was an incredible feeling seeing people singing our songs back to us.

A lot of artists across the weekend said that British audiences are very attentive and that makes it so fun to play for them. Do you agree? What do you love about the crowds over here?

That is true. Very attentive and respectful. But they’ll get rowdy with you if you lead them there. They are a part of the show you put on and they’re with you the whole way.

With country music seeing such a surge in the UK, do you see this as a big opportunity for up and coming singer-songwriters in Nashville?

I don’t believe that UK music lovers see it as genre specific. If it’s good music then they will find it, consume it and be there for the live shows. Which is what it’s all about.

At C2C you performed with what you call your “sass-squad” (great name, by the way!). What made you decide to add back-up vocals to your performance?

I grew up in the church in Alabama. I loved the sound of a choir and always gravitated towards bands that had killer harmonies growing up. Once I met the girls it was a no brainer to add them to the show.

How would you describe a Ryan Kinder show in five words or less?

Rock, soul, loud guitar solos, great harmonies & passion.

What was it like touring with Zac Brown as part of the Big American Road Trip tour?

It was a great learning experience as a young artist. Zac is a pro and you learn a lot from simply watching someone that is so dedicated, professional and skilled as he.

Let’s talk about your cover of CCR’s Fortunate Son – what a stunning track! What made you decide to cover this song?

Thank you! I was a big CCR & John Fogerty fan as a kid. It’s a true testament to someone’s songwriting skills to have a piece of work so impactful and still be so relevant over 50 years later. That really had an impact on me.

You’re currently recording your debut album with Luke Sheets. What sound can we expect from the record?

Southern rock and soul record.

Where do you take your inspiration from for the songs you write? Are they personal experiences?

It varies from song to song. Sometimes its from a overheard conversation or a story i read in the news. But more times than not it is from personal experience.

What else is coming up for you in 2018? Will we see you back in the UK soon?

You will see me back in the UK very soon! We can’t wait to come back. We will be on the road all year. Should be announcing some fun stuff very soon.