Review: It’s okay not to be okay – As It Is are the future of pop-punk

With their incredible performance at London’s KOKO last week, As It Is cemented their place in the UK’s pop-punk scene. 

Brighton-based pop-punk outfit As It Is, played a very special show in London after having to cancel their Cardiff show the night before due to lead singer Patty Walters’ shoulder injury. For KOKO he was sporting a sling with the words “its okay not to be okay” scribbled on it. And not once did it get in the way of the band’s spectacular performance.

The tour marked the first time in nearly two years that As It Is have played a string of headline shows in the UK. The kick off their set with Hey Rachel, off their latest release okay. Throughout the night, Patty repeats that this tour marks the end of the okay. era with a dramatic feel to it, almost as if the band were going to entirely change who they are after. While that probably isn’t true, there is nothing like a bit of drama when it comes to pop-punk.

Drama and intensity are a-plenty tonight. From the smoke machines reminding you of steam released on the streets of NYC, to the never-ending energy As It Is bring to the stage, all the while bringing tune after tune. That’s what they do best – picture book pop-punk that’s so catchy you’ll find yourself humming the melodies days after the show is over. A perfect example of that is Pretty Little Distance. 

As It Is finish off their set with the heartbreaking ballad Still Remembering which has everyone in the North London venue singing their broken little hearts out to. But of course, that’s not how the band leave London. The encore with okay.‘s rowdy title track and fan favourite Dial Tones turns up the heat, and crowd surfing, once again before sending a very happy crowd off into the night.

One thing that make As It Is such a pleasure to see live is that their shows feel like a big family. Maybe it’s a pop-punk thing, but it’s a great to see these young bands bond so genuinely and closely with their fans; and seeing these young kids find a home, a community where they feel safe and happy. This is the feeling that the likes of Blink-182, Green Day, etc gave the last generation. So it’s safe to say that As It Is are here to stay, and will soon be making even bigger splashes.