Emily Faye announces UK tour for next month

Following the release of her EP Here I Am on 27 April, Emily has announced will embark on the Write Like A Girl tour with Beth Keeping & Vic Allen.

The up-and-coming female artists will share the stage in a writer’s round-style performance, taking it in turns to play a selection of songs from their latest releases. Each date will also feature a guest act from the local area. The three singer-songwriters met last year when they were writing in Nashville; inspired by the craft of the town’s songwriters around them – and disheartened by the gender imbalance on the US country scene – Keeping, Faye and Allen decided to host a music tour to put female songwriters back on centre stage.

Write Like A Girl is a new movement that aims to put female songwriting talent back in the spotlight – and inspire more women to pick up a pen or an instrument and create music. Keeping says: “We want to show that female writers have a unique voice to bring to the table. We also hope to create an environment where women celebrate each other’s talents and successes, and cheer one another on.” The tour begins in Vic Allen’s local town of Norwich on 9 May and finishes in London on 24 May.

Here are those dates:
9 May – Jurnets, Norwich
10 May – CB2, Cambridge
12 May – Jamcafe, Nottingham
13 May – Sound Wine Bar, Liverpool
14 May – Whiskey Jar, Manchester
15 May – Northern Guitars, Leeds
17 May – The Fringe, Bristol
18 May – The Good Loaf Cafe, Northampton
22 May – Komo, Guildford
24 May – St Mary’s Church, London

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