Indie-rock duo Elder Brother announce new album

Stay Inside is set for release on 18 May via Pure Noise Records. 

Indie-rock duo Elder Brother has announced new album Stay Inside out in May and the band have also released a new video for Sway taken from the upcoming album.

The upcoming record expands on the band’s previous releases with refined musicianship and songwriting, while focusing on a central theme of drug addiction that has personal meaning to the band.

“Most of lyrical content Stay Inside was written on a visit back home for the holidays to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where my parents still live and where I grew up, and where the opioid crisis has a particularly strong hold. There’s even an HBO documentary about it. Heroin use touches everyone in the area. Whether it’s a first hand experience, or it’s your friend, a family member, a girlfriend or boyfriend, a parent, a child, it’s rare to meet someone that doesn’t have their own story. And despite all of that, addiction is still stigmatized.” says Dan Rose.

Elder Brother is a collaboration between Dan Rose and Kevin Geyer. The duo released their debut record Heavy Head in 2014. The following year the band released an EP titled Wish You Were Here, which featured all tracks with the name Wish You Were Here, including an original and covers of songs originally written by Get Up Kids, Ryan Adams and Pink Floyd.

Stay Inside Track List:
1. Greatest Hit
2. No Reason
3. You & Me Forever
4. Sway
5. Unnatural History
6. Weak Days
7. Wish You Were Here
8. I Don’t Miss You
9. Battle
10. Earthbound
11. I Don’t Think It Stops