Review: All Time Low prove yet again why they’re one of the best live bands

All Time Low shows are stunning – visually, musically, lyrically and emotionally – and the band deliver exactly that at London’s Alexandra Palace. 

With a blizzard raging in London, the dedicated fans who queued since stupid o’clock in the morning deserve a round of applause (and probably a hot cup of tea!). But that’s exactly what All Time Low’s fans are willing to put themselves through to see their four favorite boys. And that passion and dedication shines through at the show and make it a one of a kind experience.

All Time Low’s Ally Pally show is not just the last and biggest show of the UK tour, it will also see the band perform  their 2007 album So Wrong, It’s Right in full ahead of their full headline set. With a stage set-up reminding of their humble beginnings (you know, the fabric-stage-backdrop-flag-hanging, no-huge-screen-having, standard-light-show, all-focus-on-music-making beginnings), it really is a throwback to 2008 and if you ignore the fact that we’re at a 10,000-cap venue, it’s really got an intimate feel to it.

For their first set, the band play songs that nowadays hardly make an appearance anymore, so it’s a true treat for all old fans and a glimpse at where All Time Low started for all new fans. Tracks like Holly (Would You Turn Me On?) and Shameless really showcase their talent to write a good pop song.

After a short break during which the stage was brought back to 2018 with huge screens and all the confetti, the four Baltimore boys are back for their main set. Even though All Time Low leave some great tracks off their set list (and Dirty Work as an album is skipped entirely), the crowd doesn’t seem to mind.

Kicking their set off with the title track to their latest record, All Time Low instantly have Alexandra Palace wrapped around their fingers. Alex and Jack’s on stage banter is never not funny, and even though it may seem juvenile that is exactly why their fans love them – cue the bras hanging from Jack’s mix stand.

Songs like Dark Side of Your Room, which talks about a relationship taking place in the midnight hours, as well as Life Of The Party which really brings the rock star attitude to the evening with its moody melodies and catchy chorus.

For Therapy, things get a little more stripped back as Alex Gaskarth takes tot he stage alone with just an acoustic guitar to play the 2009 track off their album Nothing Personal. 

However, the stand-out track of the evening is Missing You as the screens in the background play statements from fans of how much this band means to them and what it helped them get through. Because after all, love or hate All Time Low, they have one of the most dedicated fan base in pop-punk, for a very good reason. Their songs always have, and still do, send messages of understanding – understanding how it feels to be lonely, to feel left out and lonely; and that in this room with this band they are not alone and their feelings are heard.

With their encore, All Time Low round off a spectacular performance with songs that truly show their potential and skill. Their recently released single Good Times is to remind the listener that you can’t forget about the good times you’ve had even when life gets hard. And the ultimate ATL song closes their biggest UK headline show to date: Dear Maria, Count Me In. Having 10,000 voices shouting every word back towards the stage is so much fun and is only amplified by the masses of confetti swirling through the air.