Check out Nervus’ new video for ‘Fall Apart’

Taken from their recently released new record Everything Dies, out now via Big Scary Monsters. 

Nervus have shared their beautiful and haunting new video for Fall Apart, created by Theatre On Wax (directed by Mark Crane, DOP James Melrose), taken from the critically acclaimed sophomore album Everything Dies.

“Fall Apart is about how humanity continues to test the limits of our planets ability to cope with being polluted. In a broader sense, it’s about how capitalism is destroying the planet and the unwillingness of the governments and corporations causing the most damage to address the situation. The video by Theatre On Wax is based on the flight of Icarus… ” says vocalist Em Foster.

Everything Dies was recorded and produced by Bob Cooper (Citizen, Nai Harvest, Kamikaze Girls) and Em Foster at Crooked Rain Studios in Leeds. The album weaves a tapestry of deeply personal, heartfelt lyrics, portraying the mental, physical, and existential journey of transition and acceptance. Accompanied by a captivating score, injected with emotive, punk dynamics, and with the added misdirect of a pop-tinged demeanour, Everything Dies will seep into every fibre of your being.

“I think the theme of the album is actually quite positive, with each and every point made about the shit that you face in life and in death, there’s an offer of hope. Fighting to keep things in perspective, that’s what Everything Dies is about. It’s not easy, it’s not pretty, and it’s not always possible on your own or even possible at all, and it’s about grappling with that.” Em explains.

Be sure to catch Nervus live on the following dates:
29 April – Boston Music Rooms, London
6 May – Teddy Rocks Festival, Blandford Forum
19 May – Great Escape Festival, Brighton
22 June – The Lexington, London
13 July – 2000 Trees Festival
22 July – Truck Festival