Broadside have a new video out

Check out Summer Stained, taken off the band’s sophomore record Paradise. 

The heart-tugging clip takes an internal look at the bands relationships as seen through the eyes of their fans. The video also commemorates their life on tour, which starts tonight across Europe before creating more memories on this summer’s Vans Warped Tour.

Asking fans to submit photos of their Broadside memories, vocalist Ollie Baxxter explains: “With the progression of social media and everybody having a camera in their pocket, a lot of moments are captured but unseen. We always meet so many people on tour and being able to relive those encounters again without the fear of ‘I hope I’m more than just a photograph’ was really inspirational. The fact that thousands of photos poured in shows that people really care about us (as we do them). The love is more than appreciated.”

“After any tour, we get back home and the train stops,” Baxxter expands on the rollercoaster of life on the road. “All that validation and purpose of waking up every day to perform music just stops. I would lie in bed feeling so lonely because I felt like I didn’t have a purpose and no one knew who I was in this big city. Validation went to my head but also the purpose of being an entertainer had vanished. We would look to those photos that we were tagged in and just reminisce on the interactions we were given and feel human again. “Summer Stained” is a reflection on the loneliness of giving all of yourself away in your music in hopes that you will fill the hole that is in your heart.”

Broadside return to the stage as their European tour kicks off today in Germany with several dates of the Galaxy Camp Festival, followed by shows with Trash Boat and the Slam Dunk Festival across the UK. The band wrap up the tour with a trio of headlining shows which have been sold out for weeks, then return to the US to prepare for their appearance on the final Vans Warped Tour.

Baxxter adds, “We are over the moon excited for Slam Dunk! Some of the greatest bands of all time will be playing and it’s a blessing just to be in their presence. As far as the sold-out show in London, we cannot wait to make that the best damn show of our career! The moment when found out it was sold out, we felt alive and the fire in our minds and hearts burned any doubt away. I’ve always said on stage ‘We are here today because you told somebody about us and cared enough to buy a ticket or a T-shirt – so thank you,’ and I mean that. We cannot wait to see you!”

Here are those live dates:
17 May – Dynamo, Zurich/CH (Galaxy Camp w/State Champs, Real Friends and more)
18 May – NCO-Club, Karlsruhe/DE (Galaxy Camp w/State Champs, Real Friends and more)
19 May – Essigfabrik, Cologne/DE (Galaxy Camp w/State Champs, Real Friends and more)
20 May – Parkbuehne, Leipzig/DE (Galaxy Camp w/State Champs, Real Friends and more)
22 May – Melkweg, Amsterdam/NL (w/ Trash Boat)
23 May – Dynamo, Eindhoven/NL (w/ Trash Boat)
24 May – Backstage by the Mill, Paris/FR (w/ Trash Boat)
26 May – Leeds City Centre North, Leeds/UK (Slam Dunk Festival)
27 May – Hatfield House South, Hatfield/UK (Slam Dunk Festival)
28 May – The National Exhibition Centre Midlands, Birmingham/UK (Slam Dunk Festival)
29 May – Thousand Island, London/UK (headline w/ Milestones, Homebound)
30 May – Night People, Manchester/UK (headline w/ Milestones, Homebound)
31 May – The Garage Attic, Glasgow/UK (headline w/ Milestones, Homebound)