Write Like A Girl songwriters round is all the girl power you need

Emily Faye, Beth Keeping, Vic Allen and special guests Sue McMillan and Lisa Wright show us how to “write like a girl”. 

Did you know that only 17% of songwriters in the UK are women? Sounds ludacris right? well, it’s true. Beth Keeping is the driving force behind a campaign to change that stat. Write Like A Girl is not only a campaign though. It is also a songwriters round that shines a light on the incredible amount of female talent present in this country.

Singer-songwriter Vic Allen kicks off the songwriter’s round with her ballad about a boy she met whilst on a trip to the US. The singer first began performing her original material at local open mics nights whilst studying at the University of Bristol. Vic’s songwriting is relatable and open, drawing the listener in to her stories.

Beth Keeping is a woman of many talents, not only does she fight for more gender equality in the music industry, she’s also a successful vlogger and songwriter. She starts us off with her latest single Strangers In The Same City. Which is followed by Naked, a song about being vulnerable around people you like which she wrote for her friends. “The human heart is a complex thing” Beth explains about her track Flashbacks. 

Up next is the ray of sunshine that is Emily Faye. Her song Open Road is the ultimate feel-good summer tune, and really brings out all the best things about Emily’s music. But with every song she performs tonight she leaves us smiling ear to ear. Even when she sings about heartbreak and the tough things in live, her weightless vocals and sunny personality make you feel like there’s always a bit of hope. “Everyone has flaws and baggage, no one really talks about it but should be celebrated” Emily tells us about her new song Broken which she’s not played live before. With Barefoot the singer takes us back into the summer as she sings about letting go of your worries with a Mediterranean feel to it. For the folk-y Grow, Emily even improvises the guitar solo with her vocals.

American songwriter Sue McMillan is one of the special guests tonight and plays us tracks she has written with artists throughout the years. Including Can’t All Be Crazy which carries a story we can all relate to: you know that guy who says all his girlfriends were crazy? And how at one point you just got to say “they can’t all be crazy” so maybe it’s you? Yeah that guy. And the little nod to Alanis Morrisette’s Ironic is just the cherry on top. Her co-write with Joan Martin, called Hurricane, is powerful song about relationships and “wanting something that’s wild and free, that you can’t tame.”

After a short break, the team welcomes special guest Lisa Wright on stage, who has just recently released her new EP Mind Of Mine of which she plays us tracks tonight. “You get to hear the rawness of a song at these things. You can take any song and make it any genre.” she says about songwriter’s rounds, making a point of the fact that all songs of most genres start out with just lyrics and a guitar or keyboard.

To send us off into the night, all four perform Beth Keeping’s song No Hard Feelings, which sums up the message of the night as it’s about being yourself even if other people criticise you. What a strong message, and what a beautiful round of female musicians who kick ass with their songwriting.