Everything is fine because there’s a new All Time Low track

Baltimore pop-punk heroes All Time Low have released their first new music since their smash hit album Last Young Renegade. 

On Sunday, All Time Low vocalist Alex Gaskarth teased the new tune with a (not so) cryptic tweet.

And now it’s here. Everything Is Fine is the newest track by the four piece and it’s the perfect mix of old-school ATL and their new LYR sound – and potentially the best song of the summer.

Not only is a catchy tune, it’s also a lyrical beauty. Relatable themes have been All Time Low’s calling card, so lines like “I turn my music up so loud, tired of bullshit, drown it out. Everything is fine and nothing matters anyway if I don’t care.” hit you right in the feels.

The track comes just in time for their ’Summer Ever After’ tour in the US with Dashboard Confessional (which, let’s be honest, we all wish was coming to the UK as well.)