Arcane Roots announce brand new ‘Landslide’ EP

Photo Credit: Sophia Groves

The EP is out via Easy Life Records on 14 September, featuring brand new single Landslide and three totally reworked and reimagined versions of tracks from the bands previous Melancholia Hymns album.

Following the releasing one of the most exciting rock records of the last few years with Melancholia Hymns (2017), Arcane Roots return with a very special, brand new EP called Landslide which is set for release via Easy Life Records on 14 September.

The release consists of three reworked and reimagined tracks taken from the bands Melancholia Hymns album, stripped back, taken apart, smashed back together, melted down again and sown back up with love. Plus, it includes brand new song and title track Landslide. 

From Arcane Roots front man Andrew Groves says about the EP “It’s rare for us to be able to show another side of a story, to re-tell it in a new light or illuminate layers or facets that were previously just nuances. Records can take a great deal of time and require many moving parts to align before release, so when the opportunity arose to record an addendum to Melancholia Hymns, we leapt at the chance. When we finished writing Melancholia Hymns it felt as though we had only just become fluent in a new language, one that had both expanded our vocabulary and our appetite for it’s application. During it’s creation, Melancholia Hymns became so burdened with ideas and desires that we had to exercise a great deal of restraint as to which components we felt should rise to the surface. Understandably, it was then with great satisfaction that we re-opened the doors to those buried elements to reveal a little more of the hard work within the record.”