Polish Club’s ‘Alright Already’ is rock ‘n’ roll goodness

This Friday, the Aussie duo is releasing their debut record in the UK this Friday and it’s a rock ‘n’ roll party. 

It’s a well-known fact that the Australians know how to party – Polish Club have taken that love for having a good time and turned it into a record. Their debut record to be exact. Alright Already is out this Friday in the UK and worldwide.

It’s been a long wait for UK fans as the album was originally released in March of 2017 in Australia. Now the duo is ready to take over the world with their infectious soul punk.

Polish Club don’t fiddle about much, album opener Where You Been takes you right into that old fashioned rockabilly beat mixed with garage rock creating a sound that is not only unique but extremely addictive. David Novak’s loud and raw vocals really give you a kick in the guts (the good kind) and with the addition of John-Henry’s relentless drumming, you’ve got yourself an epic start to a debut record.

And if Where You Been wasn’t enough of an invitation to let loose, Come Party will definitely (and literally) do the trick. Is that you adding this track to your summer playlist? Because, same.

Polish Club tirelessly send tune after tune your way, all packed with a whole lot of energy and across the whole record there is just no slowing down. The face-melting intensity of Alright Already is irrefutable and the absence of over-synthed melodies is breath of fresh air in this day and age.

If It Was Me tells the story of a guy who always falls in love too quick and has his friends pick up the pieces of heartbreak. It’s probably the most chilled-out track on this album and has a few hints of late 90’s rock in it.

Let’s take a moment to talk about the wonderful Watchuknow. and its rockabilly nostalgia sound. Quite honestly, it’s Chuck Berry if he had grown up in the 80’s New York punk scene. Clocking in at exactly two minutes, Watchuknow will have you fall in love with Polish Club if you aren’t already.

This sound is taken to a whole new, level with Shark Attack. It’s Watchuknow on acid, just under two minutes of wild rockabilly that will leave you needing a glass of water or two. The following track, Able, take the pace down a notch and is the point of the party where you’re lying on the floor drunk wondering why your ex left you (and why the hell the room is spinning).

To finish off the wild ride that is Alright Already, Polish Club deliver a fun cover of Johnny And The Hurricane’s Red River Rock. An instrumental track that is backed by a polka band and is the perfect comedown from the high that is Alright Already.

With 14 tracks in 39 minutes, the rock ‘n’ roll party that is Polish Club’s debut album will have you needing a cigarette.