EP review – Homebound ‘More To Me Than Misery’

More Than Misery follows the band’s 2017 EP The Mould You Build Yourself Around, released via Rude Records, and showcases new life in Homebound.

Charlie Boughton said about the new record: “More to Me Than Misery draws on the many pitfalls when searching for happiness in love and life. Last year was possibly the best and worst of my life for the very same reasons and you begin to fear the very things that once made you who you are. Honesty is a strong theme throughout the record, not just lyrically but I feel it transpires right through to the very core of everything we did with MTMTM. We treated the whole process like it was the last thing we might ever do as a band and I believe that’s made for the best collection of songs we’ve written to date. There’s certainly no hiding the fact that it’s a sharp change from the previous Homebound but it’s definitely the closest representation of the band we want to become”

The EP kicks off with a punch as Change Of Heart presents its intense drums and in-your-face lyrics. The hooks land perfectly and remind of old school pop-punk such as Jimmy Eat World. The track is followed by recent single Coming Clean about which vocalist Charlie Boughton says “Coming Clean relates to the anxiety felt when closing in on an inevitable confrontation. The over-thinking and played out scenarios we mull over and over in our heads until we realise there’s nothing left to do but say what needs to be said. We wanted a video that mirrored the energy and aggression of the song, and much like the whole record, we wanted something that best represented the band that we are.”

Coming Clean continues the heavy punch this record carries but has an epic drop after the bridge that kills – listen to this track and just imagine how good it will sound in a live setting.

With Truth Be Told the band take it back to early 00’s pop-punk, especially on the drums. It’s catchy nonetheless (or especially because of that) and just begs for mosh pits to be formed.

If you still haven’t had enough heartache, Homebound have one more punch in the feels for you with Yours Truly. It’s without a doubt the most mainstream, or pop-y, track on the record and has huge potential to be a fan favorite.

Catch Homebound live
29 August – Joiners, Southampton
30 August – Thousand Island, London
1 September – The Key Club, Leeds
2 September – The Garage (Attic), Glasgow
3 September – Satans Hollow, Manchester
4 September – Sound Basement, Liverpool