Saharas reveal catchy new single

Shake My Fever is your perfect introduction to Windsor four-piece Saharas. 

Supercharging their sound with a revitalised approach to their arrangement, Saharas have revealed their latest single Shake My Fever that advances their swift emergence as a band. Their conscious decision to distance themselves from their synth-lead sound of past releases has evolved into delivering the smooth, immersive tones through reverberant guitar riffs.

The hook-laden track shines not only through its undeniably catchy chorus but also the intriguing melodic riffs and urging drums make for a killer combination. With a sound like this, Saharas will make a mark on the UK’s indie scene in no time.

Furthermore, a sizeable atmosphere is magnified with a vocal delivery that commands attention whilst plunging you into the heart of the track. One of the most alluring characteristics of Saharas is their creation of space whilst retaining a level of intimacy. The relationship between both is played out in the background, giving a stark reminder to listeners that Saharas don’t just write amazing tracks, they feel them as well.