Arlington share new video for ‘Hollow Moon’

Be prepared to get addicted to this tune.

Southern California band Arlington who recently signed to Rise Records have premiered a new video for Hollow Moon with Alternative Press. The track is from their upcoming debut album A Walk Through Jackson County, out 26th October via Rise Records. Check it our below:

Speaking about the new video singer and guitarist Tyler Benko says, “The song came out of me wanting to write this really punchy, early Arctic Monkeys-style pop song with fast-paced lyrics that told a story. Lyrically, it’s loosely about a single mother who considers prostitution as a means to support her family. We wanted the punchy and retro feel to be juxtaposed with the darker lyrical content. For us, the song feels important because of that juxtaposition. The entire album plays on the odd pairing of upbeat rock with darker lyrical and visual themes and Hollow Moon is one of the best examples of that. The song is a really good representation of our band and our album as a whole.”

The members of the band have known one another since they were 15. Vocalist/guitarist Tyler Benko and bassist/vocalist Channing Peake were in a different band together, with drummer Grant Whitson serving as their tour manager for a stint on Warped Tour. When that previous band split, Benko and Peake partnered with Whitson to form Arlington.