Album Review: Morgan Evans – Things That We Drink To

Breakout country music star Morgan Evans delivers the feel-good record you’ve been waiting for. 

One of our favorite new country artists, Australian-born singer-songwriter Morgan Evans, has released his newest album this week. Things That We Drink To is a collection of eleven songs co-penned by Evans over the last two years and reflects his exciting journey since moving to Nashville from Australia. Each instrument heard on the project was played by Evans and the album’s producer, Chris DeStefano.

“My album is a collection of songs that I wrote over the last two years,” says Evans. “It’s my story. It’s leaving behind everything and everyone you know to chase down a country music dream on the other side of the world. It’s the excitement of the unknown, it’s the fun, it’s the loneliness and it’s the struggle. It’s losing someone and finding the strength to keep your head up and make them proud. It’s meeting a girl, falling hopelessly and marrying the love of your life. It’s the Things That We Drink To.”

The album is all about celebrating life and contains some of the most adorable love songs you’ll ever hear. One of them is killer opening track American. It not only describes Evans’ love for his new home but is also an ode to his new wife Kelsea Ballerini.

She’s a small town smile, a little white church
“Born To Run” on a faded T-shirt
All I know is I’m at home when I’m with her

The pre chorus is just a snippet of the lyrical goodness Evans starts this record off with and what’s more – it’s the perfect choice because you can’t help but fall in love a little bit with his life-affirming country-pop.

Sunny country pop melodies is the essence of Things That We Drink To. It’s also the things that makes single Day Drunk one of the funnest tracks on the record. It showcases how his easy-going Aussie nature influences his songwriting, and is one of the most arena-friendly on Things That We Drink To. Just this week Evans released a light-hearted, time-lapse video, which follows the popular Pedal Tavern around Nashville as riders “get a little day drunk” downtown.

But it isn’t all just feel-good drinking tunes – Dance With Me for example is a beautiful ballad that features gorgeous background vocals from wife Kelsea Ballerini. Production is extremely stripped back and all that remains is an honest track with harmonies that’ll give you all the feels.

The one track that will really grasp your heart in a tight grip is title track Day Drunk. Inspired partially by the untimely death of Evans’ friend and manager Rob Potts, who tragically lost his life in a motorcycle accident in last year. In the song, Evans really brings home the things that truly matter in life:

Roads that we choose, friends that we make
Turns that we miss and the hearts that we break
The words that we say and the ones that we don’t
Lines that we cross and the ones that we won’t
Tears that we cried, the dreams that we dreamed
Stars that burnt out and the stars that we reached
The pictures we take, the stories they tell
And the moments we keep for ourselves

It’s the honesty, the soft vocals and the anthemic melody that truly make this song stand out, and stand tall.

Young Again closes the album and showcases another facette to the singer’s talents. The track’s folk-y feel and irish drinking song melodies are just what you need to get you back on that high this album delivers as a whole. It’s bound to be a live favorite across all countries.

Things We Drink To is not just a great country pop album that will propell Morgan Evans into superstardom, but it’s also one of those records you can put on anytime and it’ll lift your spirits way up high, reminding you what really matters and the things you should focus on.