Album Review: Liv Austen – A Moment Of Your Time

Country-pop rising star Liv Austen delivers an empowering and honest record with A Moment Of Your Time.

Norwegian singer songwriter Liv Austen has been making waves in the country music scene with her infectious country pop. Just earlier this year she played the UK’s biggest country music festival C2C at London’s O2 arena. Her debut album A Moment Of Your Time is released this Friday via NUA Entertainment.

Album opener Miss Nobody is not only extremely catchy but also talks about an experience anyone who’s ever been chated on can relate to. Austen takes that pain and turns into an empowering track that you’ll really want to turn up loud when you’ve had your heart broken.

The Next Time continues with the bright melodies and Austen’s infectiously vocals that are both sweet and strong at the same time. On following song Don’t Regret A Single One is one of the singles released off the record and it’s clear why. With upbeat drums and a positive message it encompasses the singer’s signature country-pop sound that is entirely radio-friendly.

Ballad Want It More takes the pace down a few notches and lets the listener catch their breath a little before launching straight into the big choruses of Train Of Thought. But while we’re talking about ballads, Whole Heart is quite possible one of the most beautiful tracks on A Moment Of Your Time. Its slightly more upbeat chorus and honest lyrics are what make it stand out.

At times A Moment Of Your Time feels like a classic modern pop record, and every now and then on pieces such as Part Time Sweetheart or the smooth title track Liv’s country unfluences shine a little brighter in the best way possible.

Liv Austen sends the listener off with the gorgeous piano track that is But I Know I Love Him. It showcases the singer’s songwriting talents perfectly and even more so her vocal skills – get ready for a few goosebumps (or a lot, actually!).