Ain’t no party like an Arkells party

Our favourite Canadians came back to London town and reminded us why we missed them so much in the first place. 

Having recently released their brand new album Rally Cry, Hamilton heroes Arkells returned to the UK for a special headline tour including a show at London’s Heaven with support from theatrical punks Felix Hagen & The Family.

If you want your gig to be a huge party, there are few bands better to book as support than Felix Hagan & The Family. The troupe surrounding front man Felix Hagan not only bring all the fun but also all the glitter. With tracks like Gene Kelly and HEY I WANT YOU, the band easily win over the part of the audience that wasn’t loving them already anyway. And as Kiss The Misfits bounces off the walls of Heaven, Felix and his gang had everyone dancing and smiling.

There’s very few bands in the world that put on a show so good, you’d swear on your mom’s life every single one of your friends would love it, no matter their taste in music. Arkells is one of those bands. We guarantee you that you’d thoroughly enjoy every aspect of their performance – the music, the vibes, the positivity and the sheer happiness of both band and audience combined.

Recent single and album title track Rally Cry instantly launches a spark into the audience, starting a fire of good times and a lot of singing along. “Welcome to the Arkells rock’n’roll show!” front man Max Kerman calls out as the last riffs of Leather Jacket fade out. “There’s three rules: Sing, dance, and look after each other!”

People’s Champ, the lead single for the band’s most recent record, takes Arkells into a slightly different direction lyrically. The politically charged track, however, does not fail to deliver the signature positive attitude we know and love. While calling out fascist world leaders, the band still highlight the facts that what they really want is someone looking out for the people.

Then it’s back to relatable love stories and party tracks with the likes of the always epic Never Thought That This Would Happen. “Let’s see if we can a room full of music lovers to shut up for two minutes.” Max notes as he delivers a stripped back, hauntingly beautiful rendition of And Then Some, which in our eyes is one of the best love songs ever written. Your arguments are invalid.

“This is a song about traveling, about figuring yourself out. Everyone deserves the chance to figure themselves out.” Kerman explains about Show Don’t Tell Me, taken off the band’s new album Rally Cry. Later on, Arkells also treat us to another track off their latest release in the shape of Hand Me Downs. 

With fan favorites 11:11 and Knocking At Your Door following, the Canadians are nowhere near stopping anytime soon. In fact, for Private School Kids, they call an audience member on stage to take over the guitar for parts of the song.

As this Friday night Arkells party comes to an end, they truly go out with a bang. Bringing out Felix Hagan & The Family for a cover of ABBA’s huge hit Dancing Queen with Max noting “Theresa May stole this from ABBA and we’re gonna steal it back!”

The ever beautiful My Heart’s Always Yours rings out a perfect night, topped with all the confetti. And we couldn’t agree more –  our heart is indeed always yours, Arkells. Miss you already.